What is staging?

Staging is preparing and showcasing a property - inside and out - to appeal to the widest possible audience. Staging accentuates the home's assets and downplays its less appealing features. 

Isn't that just good design?

Interior design personalizes. Staging depersonalizes a home's features to create a more generic "model home," look. That allows more buyers to envision themselves living there.

Here's an example of staging

The empty living room (left) looks like a big white box with a light-gobbling dark wood floor. Few buyers can imagine how to make an empty room livable. But staging shows them exactly what to do! 

Do most listing agents stage?

According to a 2017 Ass'n of REALTORS(r) study, 52% of agents stage some or all their listings. I insist ALL my listings be staged because staged homes sell faster and for the highest and best price.

Here's another 'before' photo

I've found a staging company (StyleWorks Napa) with whom I consistently work. StyleWorks is reasonably priced AND brings a high level of creativity to all their work .

Here's the same room staged

Swapping out a pool table and installing conversation groups transformed the room that buyers saw when they first entered this home. Unstaged, it went unsold. Staged, it sold fast.